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Sox piss down their legs against Oakland. And other ''measured" reactions/thoughts.

I am tired of Jonathan Papelbon. There, I said it. Blame Nick Green all you want; Paps allowed 3 hits (one a double) and a walk in one inning of work. That ain't got it for your closer, and it's the kind of results we've been getting all season. Tito and Theo were man enough to change the guard after Foulke had done more than most to win us a World Series. Can they be again?

Among all of our RPs, Paps is first fourth in FIP, first fifth in WHIP, first fourth in K/BB. Of all of our relievers, the only categories in which he is first are LOB% and difference between ERA and FIP. On some teams, such a RP would be in a 6th inning or long relief role. 

And while we're at it, Nick Green. Two errors, one of which was completely his fault, and one (the Mark Ellis GB) where someone should've been screaming their lungs out for him to not throw. The ball was down, his head was down, it's up to someone (I don't care whoTF gets that responsibility) should be telling him to eat the ball.

Jason Bay still doesn't play shallow enough in front of the monster. Also, would be nice if he went on a streak soon.

People get way too pissed about J.D. Drew these days. When I read that Nick Cafardo wants to trade him to the Tigers straight up for Magglio Ordonez (of the .689 OPS and the -10.9 UZR/150 this season), it made me want to punch somebody. Preferably, in this case, Nick Cafardo. Obviously I'm joking, but apparently Cafardo was not, and that's a problem. I understand he's been slumping, but hey, has anyone been suggesting that we trade Jason Bay off lately? He's been in a longer slump. Don't take this the wrong way; I'm not suggesting it. But it's just as logical a suggestion in my opinion. Maybe we should just throw Daniel Bard and Jon Lester off a bridge as well?

Starting pitching? Beckett, Lester, and Brad Penny can all leave the room. All right. WTF are you guys doing? Clay: Throw strikes. You've got the stuff, everyone pretty much agrees on that. It's way too early to be giving up on you, but you're definitely making it difficult to not want to. Smoltz? Good peripherals, bad results. The results are bad enough that another sub-par start should make us start looking at other options.

It's been highlighted a lot lately, but if you're mad about Jason Varitek's inability to throw runners out, then I don't know where you've been the last few years. This has been a significant problem for him for awhile, and it's not helped by the fact that we simply don't have many pitchers who think a lot about the running game. Anyway, the point is that it's a complaint that we just need to swallow; there's no solution for right now or the near future.

Yes. I realize this is all very reactionary, and I'm likely to be accused of such. That's okay. In balance, I'll try to get a much more positive post up in the next few days.