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Will Adam LaRoche be a Red Sox for long?

With the trade for Adam LaRoche, the Red Sox gained a pretty valuable bat off the bench and a solid defensive first baseman. For a lot of teams, LaRoche could be a starter, but for the Sox he'll be on the bench (for the most part) for the rest of the season.

But what's 2010 look like for the Red Sox's newest acquisition?

According to Cot's Baseball Contracts, the Red Sox will pay LaRoche's remaining salary for 2009 -- about $3M dollars.LaRoche avoided arbitration by signing a 1yr/$7.05M contract with the Pirates before the 2009 season.

That's a lot of dough for a backup.

However, it is just a one-year deal, meaning he's up for grabs once the season is over. If the Red Sox re-sign him, odds are that it'll be just for what he's doing now, working the bench. Does LaRoche really want that? He has said before he's comfortable doing whatever, but a guy of LaRoche's caliber -- who could start for many teams -- would probably want to try and play every day.

Plus look at the cost. It cost the Pirates $7.05M for a year of LaRoche's service. Can the Sox do that for a backup? Would they really want to do that? Who knows what it would cost for LaRoche in 2010.

Plus there's the fact Lars Anderson is in the system, a 1B/DH of the future. Yeah, Lars isn't hitting too well this year (.260/.352/.391), but we still need to be thinking about him and where he fits on this team in '10, '11 and the future after that. Although the "plan" would have been for Lars to be in AAA by now and potentially a major leaguer to start 2010, it just isn't going to work like that right now. We still need to plan for him, though.

So it looks like the next three months (hopefully) LaRoche will be a Red Sox. But after that, don't hold your breath.

Let's hope we get a great three months out of him.