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Game Recap: Rangers Homer Homer Homer off of Smoltz.

I don't even know what to say about this one. Looked like a decent pitching duel (helped along with some baserunning/decision-making errors by the Sox) until the 6th, when the Rangers just hammered the f. out of Smoltz's pitches. The wheels came off the 2-1 victory wagon and it fell into a 6-2 loss ravine.

Consolation? Good bullpen work tonight, as Delcarmen, Saito and Masterson combined for 2 1/3 scoreless after Smoltz departed. 4 strikeouts and 3 baserunners allowed by the trio. And really, Smoltz was excellent until the 6th. But that's kind of like saying my work softball team was decent after the first inning last night, where we had the small problem of only managing one base runner and allowing ten runs by the other team. Can't erase it, and f' if it didn't ruin the outcome of the game quite significantly.

The offense was just a mess. DP and Ells (back in the leadoff spot) combined to reach base once, while Bay and Drew continue to battle (mini) slumps. I don't care how deep 'Tek's 2B was, sending Lowell home from first at most any time seems foolish. Lowrie is still working his way back. Lowell, Papi, Youks, and 'Tek are the only hitters who shouldn't have had required batting practice after the game. 

Good pitching from the Rangers, as Millwood was effective if inefficient, and C.J. Wilson shut the door with 1 1/3 scoreless innings for his 8th save.

On the plus side, it's one game. The first of the series which, yes, we can still win.

Beckett goes tomorrow, and I have no doubt he brought his a-kicking shoes. Wakefield on Wednesday, and while I have reservations based on the environment, he has been pretty steady and reliable for us this season.