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Red Sox to DFA Julio Lugo

According to Ken Rosenthal, the Red Sox will designate Julio Lugo for assignment later today:

Julio Lugo's tenure in Boston is over.

The Red Sox will designate the shortstop for assignment on Friday, a move that will likely lead to his release, according to a major-league source.

The Red Sox will have 10 days to trade Lugo once the roster move is official. If they are unable to deal him, Lugo will be released.

The move comes a day after one source told that the Red Sox were "desperately" trying to trade Lugo. Another source said the team recognized Lugo as a "sunk cost" and was not expecting much in return for him.

I guess this really isn't a surprise at all. Everyone was calling for it and now it's happened. It's sad to see Lugo's career in Boston end this way, but the bottom line is that he did not produce. Looks like Jed Lowrie and Nick Green will be our shortstops for the rest of the 2009 season.