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Red Sox Top-10 Draft Pick Profiles

UPDATED: Now with information on the first 10 picks.

Raymond Fuentes: An 18-year-old high school Center Fielder out of Puerto Rico, Raymond draws a lot of comparisons to Johnny Damon--though so do a lot of fast Center Fielders. Raymond is a contact-oriented hitter with a left-handed uppercut swing (think Jed Lowrie more than Jacoby Ellsbury) and great speed, with a 6.3 second 60-yard-dash and is often timed at or under 4 seconds to first base. Raymond hits to all fields, and currently has gap power with a fair bit of power potential. He has good range for a center fielder, but with a weak arm. Fuentes is considered a fairly safe pick with a high cieling.


Alex Wilson: A 22-year-old Right-Handed Pitcher out of Texas A&M. Wilson was projected to be a first round pick before he injured his elbow in 2007, missing a whole year. At earlier stages this season, Wilson was hitting 95 with his fastball, but it has dropped off as the year continued--potentially a temporary result of the lost year, potentially a lasting effect of his surgery. Also possesses a Slider responsible for many of his collegiate strikeouts, but which some have considered a product of impatient college hitters. Great control allowed him to collect 111 strikeouts with only 22 walks. May end up being a pen arm if he doesn't get his stamina back, where the Sox will hope he can dial his fastball up to 95-96 more often.


David Renfroe: An 18-year-old high school Shortstop and Right-Handed Pitcher. Unlike Casey Kelly, Renfroe seems destined for short, both by scouts' opinions and his own wishes. David has a good looking swing that needs a few adjustments, can hit for some power, and is likely to hit for more down the line. Could project as a third baseman down the line. Moves with fluidity in the field and has a fair glove. Some scouts question if Renfroe will continue to develop into a major league player. His cieling is high, but so is his bust potential.


Jeremy Hazelbaker: Another speedy center fielder, but this time a 22-year-old Junior out of Ball State. After 2 years of being a non-prospect who wouldn't start for plenty of college teams, Hazelbaker retooled his offensive game and became a dominant collegiate lefty. Hits to all fields, utilizes his speed on the basepaths, and has used the bunt effectively to avoid problems against left-handed pitchers. Jeremy displays some limited power, but is mostly a line-drive hitter. Good range in the field, and a good arm to back it up. The big question about Hazelbaker is whether he's the player he was this last year, or if that's just a flash in the pan.



Seth Schwindenhammer: Eat your heart out, Saltalamacchia. Schwindenhammer, a 17-year-old high school Left Fielder has a 75% scholarship to the University of Illinois. A power hitting left-fielder with a cannon arm capable of throwing a 90 MPH fastball and a sweet swing.


Branden Kline: 17-year-old RHP out of Maryland. Reworked mechanics have added a few MPH to Kline's fastball, allowing it to sit in the low-90's and touch 95, as well as a greater command with his whole arsenal. Kline has a full scholarship to the University of Virginia, and seems intent on going there barring a massive signing bonus (has said he wants $5 million, but that could be on the advice of an agent).



Madison Younginer: A potential steal in the 7th , Younginer ranked #45 on Baseball America's Top-100. Used as a high school reliever, Younginer hits the mid-90s with consistency on both his 4-seam and 2-seam fastball, touching 97, and has a 12-6 Curve in the high-70s which has impressed scouts. Having only just recently actively engaged in strength training, and at just 6'3" 185, Younginer could well add even more velocity. His future role—starter or reliever—is up in the air. Occasionally struggles with control. Committed to Clemson, but not at all unsignable.



Shannon Wilkerson: 20-year-old Division II wunderkind earning DII offensive and defensive player of the year honors from Rawlings. Ugly looking draft video shows a swing that needs a lot of work and a weak arm. Hopefully just a bad day given his gaudy numbers.



Kendal Volz: 21-year-old RHP out of Baylor, had a dominant summer with Team USA before one of the more disappointing springs amongst prospects, losing around 5 miles off his fastball and the break on his slider. This performance has knocked him right out of first round discussion, and he may well be better served by returning to Baylor. Might well project as a closer-type if he can regain the velocity.



Brandon Jacobs: A surprise pick after compiling a 1,000 yard rushing season—wait, I may have the wrong guy here. No, wait, I'm right on. This 18-year-old power-hitting left fielder has long put priority on his role as a football running back. If he goes to Auburn—no, seriously, it's the right Brandon Jacobs—he will be forced to play only football.