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MLB Draft Open Thread: Talk about it all here

Can we draft another one of this guy? Pleeeease?
Can we draft another one of this guy? Pleeeease?

I love the MLB draft, but here's my beef: why's it starting at 6 p.m.? Not a big fan of that. Maybe it's me, but wasn't the draft earlier the last few years? Whatever it may be, it's too late and I'm not going to be around *insert sad face here*.

This thread is for anything and everything MLB draft related. I encourage you to start posting whatever Red Sox-related information that comes out. Inform your fellow readers so we can get an idea an idea of the future Red Sox.

Here's the draft order:

Round 1

1. Washington Nationals
2. Seattle Mariners
3. San Diego Padres
4. Pittsburgh Pirates
5. Baltimore Orioles
6. San Francisco Giants
7. Atlanta Braves
8. Cincinnati Reds
9. Detroit Tigers
10. Washington Nationals (9B, for unsigned 2008 No. 9 overall pick Aaron Crow)
11. Colorado Rockies
12. Kansas City Royals
13. Oakland A's
14. Texas Rangers
15. Cleveland Indians
16. Arizona Diamondbacks
17. Arizona Diamondbacks (from Dodgers - Orlando Hudson)
18. Florida Marlins
19. St. Louis Cardinals
20. Toronto Blue Jays
21. Houston Astros
22. Minnesota Twins
23. Chicago White Sox
24. Los Angeles Angels (from Mets - Francisco Rodriguez)
25. Los Angeles Angels (from Yankees - Mark Teixeira)
26. Milwaukee Brewers
27. Seattle Mariners (from Phillies - Raul Ibanez)
28. Boston Red Sox
29. New York Yankees (28B, for unsigned 2008 No. 28 overall pick Gerrit Cole)
30. Tampa Bay Rays
31. Chicago Cubs
32. Colorado Rockies (from Angels - Brian Fuentes)

Comp Round A

33. Seattle Mariners (Raul Ibanez)
34. Colorado Rockies (Brian Fuentes)
35. Arizona Diamondbacks (Orlando Hudson)
36. Los Angeles Dodgers (Derek Lowe)
37. Toronto Blue Jays (A.J Burnett)
38. Chicago White Sox (Orlando Cabrera)
39. Milwaukee Brewers (CC Sabathia)
40. Los Angeles Angels (Mark Teixeira)
41. Arizona Diamondbacks (Juan Cruz)
42. Los Angeles Angels (Francisco Rodriguez)
43. Cincinnati Reds (Jeremy Affeldt)
44. Texas Rangers (Milton Bradley)
45. Arizona Diamondbacks (Brandon Lyon)
46. Minnesota Twins (Denny Reyes)
47. Milwaukee Brewers (Brian Shouse)
48. Los Angeles Angels (Jon Garland)
49. Pittsburgh Pirates (48B, for unsighed 2008 No. 48 overall pick Tanner Scheppers)