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The Stats Dish: Beckett, Lester have been lights out

  • Jon Lester in his last three starts: 22.0 IP, 34 SO, 1.23 ERA, .099 BAA
  • Josh Beckett since the start of May: 47.2 IP, 45 SO, 1.70 ERA, .181 BAA
  • Josh Beckett in his last four starts: 28.2 IP, 30 SO, 0.31 ERA, .115 BAA
  • Dustin Pedroia is batting .170 in 11 games since being moved to the leadoff spot in the lineup.
  • J.D. Drew is batting .333 with a .477 OBP in nine games since being moved to the 2-hole.
  • Kevin Youkilis is batting .262 with a .415 OBP and four home runs in 12 games since being moved to the 3-spot.
  • Jason Bay is batting .255 in 12 games since being moved to the 4-hole full-time.
  • David Ortiz is batting .313 in 32 at-bats in June.
  • Jacoby Ellsbury is batting .333 with a .412 OBP in eight games since being demoted from the leadoff spot.
  • Hideki Okajima has a 0.47 ERA with a .141 BAA in 18 games since April 28. He has struck out 21 in 19.2 innings in that span.

ANALYSIS: Maybe the front of the order lineup isn't working too well. Pedroia is struggling a lot while Drew is thriving. Maybe the lineup should change the way people at OTM thought it should have been at the beginning of the season: Drew at leadoff, Pedroia in the 2-hole. The 2-hole is a perfect place for Pedroia while I thoroughly believe Drew can hit ANYWHERE in a lineup. ... Ellsbury's stats are encouraging. The .412 OBP is a nice thing to see since his drop in the lineup. ... Okajima has been nearly untouchable, as with Beckett and Lester.