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Game Story: Sox defeat Jays. YES!

Maybe I'm just thrilled about the lineup change, but this game was pretty exciting.

For one, the lineup just seems like a great use of our current offensive resources. I don't think Tito is inclined to bat Papi any lower than 6th, so this might be the best we can do right now. Hopefully they hold onto this for awhile and don't get too reactionary because of the relatively poor job Drew and DP did at setting the table (combined 2-8 with no walks, despite DP's three-run job). 

What can I say about Jon Lester? 12 Ks for a career-high, and all three hits against him were "of the infield variety". Masterson and Ramon Ramirez cleaned up relatively painlessly to preserve the victory for Lester.

Youks and Bay seemed determined today to be the dynamic 3-4 combo we haven't really had since Manuel and healthy-wrist Papi batted back-to-back. The aforementioned Bay and Youks combined for 4 hits, 3 walks, 2 HRs, a 2B, 4 runs and 3 RBIs. Despite a lack of hits, '[Empty] managed to walk 3 times, while Nick Green and Ellsbury had a walk and a hit apiece. Mike Lowell hit 2 doubles.