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GameThread: Sox @ Yanks. 5.5.09

The end of a short two-game set in NY.

Josh Beckett takes the mound against Joba of Chamberlain. We can only hope that the encouraging outing from Beckett's co-ace last night can inspire such a performance from Becks tonight. Otherwise, we could be in trouble. Joba of Chamberlain has been a bright spot in an otherwise dim Yankee rotation to-date.

My guess on the lineup? Well...

Ells, DP, Papi, Bay, Drew, Lowell, Bailey, 'Tek, and Green. Have to imagine they'll give Youks a day off unless he's 150.89% and another day off for Lugo of Suck has already been implied.

Only wild card, I think, might be in 'Tek v. Kottaras today. Late night and long day for 'Tek yesterday.

Or I could be completely wrong. The Sox could decide to go with Van Every in the middle of the lineup with Lugo AND Green in at the same time. With Kottaras catching and 'Tek DHing for Papi. Hoo. Sounds like a bad dream.

Do it. Puck drops at 7:05 EDT...most likely.