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Game 50: Holy crap, the Jays won

FINAL SCORE: Blue Jays 6, Red Sox 3
PLAYER OF THE GAME: Daniel Bard (2.1 IP, 5K, 0H, 1BB)

The Jays beat us. How the hell did that happen?

Tim Wakefield just wasn't very good. He allowed six runs in 4.2 innings of work. Daniel Bard, though, is an absolute stud: he worked 2.1 innings and struck out five. I didn't get to see him pitch, but holy crap, that's an awesome line. This bullpen is absolutely filthy right now. Takashi Saito pitched a scoreless inning and dropped his ERA to 3.00.

The offense came from a couple of RBIs from Jacoby Ellsbury (two hits). Jason Bay and Julio Lugo also had two hits.

The Red Sox need to get on a roll. The bullpen has been on all season, but the pitching and hitting likes to take offdays at different times. They both don't seem to be on at the same time. The Red Sox aren't a postseason team if they continue to play like this.