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Postgame: Mike Lowell is back.

So, I have to admit something kids. I was pretty concerned this offseason. Lowell was due for hip surgery, and the idea of signing Mark Teixeira seemed like prudence rather than overstocking. He'd spent most of the end of last season fielding like he'd forgotten what 'moving' was all about, and his hitting was pretty underwhelming too.

And yet, here we are. A month into the season, and Mike Lowell is among the very least of our concerns. He seems mostly back to his old ways in the field, and his hitting line thusfar (.312/.340/.581) makes me wish I had the ability to carve one of the first statues to ever have a distinctive salt-and-pepper goatee. He's kicking a. and taking names, and we're all reaping the benefits.

Of course, he wasn't alone in his antics tonight: Nick Green?!?, Youks, and DP all had very strong games at the plate as well. Jacoby Pierre Ellsbury stole 3 bases, and Drew got the scoring fun started with a double in the first. Jason Bay singled and stole a base before leaving in favor of Jeff Bailey due to an ankle issue. All indications are that this will be, at worst, a day-to-day issue. Bay has not been ruled out of the starting lineup tomorrow. Oh. And how about our backup f'n catcher? 2B and a walk? Yes please.

Wake ended his much-impressive run of starts, but qualified and got the win. Okajima, Ramon, and Saito finished out the game mostly uneventfully, though Ramon was the only RP to toss a perfect inning. (As an aside, if anyone has some kind of great double-nickname for Ramon and MDC, feel free to share. They probably need one.)

The Sox finish out against the Rays tomorrow behind Brad Penny. James Shields will be on the mound for Tampa.