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Postgame Wrap: Sox Finally Beat Mets!

So after a weekend that began and continued with sure heartbreak, the Sox end on a good note and in first place.

Wake wasn't terrific, but the 5 runs he allowed paled in comparison to the 13 12 runs that the Sox offense put up. George Kottaras and Nick Green were very productive from the bottom of the lineup, Lowell and Drewlicious were beasts, DP set the table, and Youks hit not 1, but 2 1 homeruns! 

MDC and Saito were excellent in shutting out the Mets after Wake left, combining for 3 IP, 3 Ks, 1 H and 0 BB. 

I can only assume that this hitting streak of Jacoby Ellsbury's is going to eventually result in a better approach and a shorter swing. ...right?

In the "in case you missed it" category, Mets RP Ken Takahashi performed a most unusual balk while facing Papi. He went into his windup and the ball simply fell out of his hand. You'd almost think he'd have been thrown off by that enough to give Papi something to hit. Almost.

Anyway. On to Minnesota.