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Ortiz Hits a HR!!

The wait is over. After more than 140 AB, David Ortiz hit his first regular season HR since late September of last year... With one swing of the bat, 1.5 months of agony and frustration were sent reeling out of the park.

In other, far less important news, a whole baseball game was played around this home run. A group of athletes from Canada, who must all be hockey players, managed to be baffled by Brad Penny's 94-mph fastballs in 2-0 counts.* Meanwhile, the hockey player named Brett Cecil was pretty good... until the Red Sox realized that he wasn't going to check them against the wall. Four home runs, a double and a triple followed.

Sox go for the sweep tonight. Jon Lester vs the lovable blind songster Ray.

*But, surprisingly, they weren't baffled by Bard's 98-mph heaters...