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Game 36: Red Sox lose ... but how?

Don't pretend you can figure out the guy pictured above. Because you can't.

Jon Lester was struggling early last night, but he was still pitching well. Then it all just unfolded. From the 5th inning on, the screws came out and Lester surrendered five runs, including two home runs by Ichiro Suzuki. The Sox were up 4-0 early, but Lester couldn't hold on and the Sox lost, 5-4.

The offense came from 2.5 spots: Jacoby Ellsbury batting leadoff (3-5, R, RBI), JD Drew batting third (3-5, R, RBI) and Jason Bay, batting fourth (3 BB, R). Everyone else was just "meh." Julio Lugo also had an RBI.

Daniel Bard alert! He pitched 1.1 last night and gave up two hits. He didn't strike anyone out, but he can't do that all the time, can he? Takashi Saito gave up a hit, a walk and struck out one in his inning of work.

What can we take out this start by Lester? Not much. He faced a poor lineup and struggled. He didn't allow a run until the 5th, but he was very close on many occasions to doing so. Perhaps the Red Sox are lucky to have only lost by one, but after the first couple of innings, they really should have won this game.

Sox, M's are back in action tonight at 10. It will be Josh Beckett versus Garrett Olson.