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Testosterone levels the reason for Manny's failed test.

Several sources (LA Times, ESPN) are reporting that evidence continues to mount in support of Manny Ramirez' alleged use of performance enhancing drugs. His testosterone-to-epitestosterone levels were 4:1, the lowest level that MLB considers to be abnormal.

Looks like Manny was a little sloppy and just barely failed the drug test.

One source quoted in the LA Times reported that the elevated ratios were caused by synthetic testosterone. Additionally, hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), the substance that Manny had a prescription for, was absent from Manny's test. Those facts, combined with the league's action seems to support the allegations.

I've always been a Manny apologist, but it's tough to continue to support the beleaguered slugger. I'm convinced that Manny cheated. The question now is for how long? Perhaps the bigger question for baseball: is it coincidence that Scott Boras' clients seem to be the most frequently implicated and caught?