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GameThread: Game 3 - Rays @ Red Sox

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Day game because the Red Sox are going to be heading West after this one. It's the rubber game between the Rays and Sox.

Your starters are Daisuke Matsuzaka and Matt Garza:

NAME D. Matsuzaka
M. Garza
W-L 0-0 0-0
ERA n/a n/a
K/9 n/a n/a
BB/9 n/a n/a

Matsuzaka hasn't had the best history with the Rays. In eight regular season starts in his career, he has a 3.75 ERA but is 2-3 in 48 innings of work. Matsuzaka was 9-3 at home last year in 16 starts.

Garza, in four starts last year against the Sox, was 1-1 with a 4.50 ERA. He had an 8.44 ERA at Fenway Park last season.

Go Sox!