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GameThread: Opening Day 2009 - Rays @ Red Sox

Opening Day is here. After a day wait, it is here.

We've been waiting for this day since October 20, 2008. You remember the 19th, I know you do. It was the day the Sox lost to the Rays and were sent packing back to Boston. Game seven of the American League Championship Series.

It hurt. The Red Sox were so close to making another World Series appearance and in that game seven it just didn't pan out. Dustin Pedroia hit a home run off Matt Garza in the first inning but that's all they could muster. Garza dominated and the overhyped legend of David Price was born.

Time to look forward, though. Forget about 2008. It was a great season with a lot of great memories (with this one being the best and the top 10 being a great ride) but we turn our attention to 2009. It's a new year with new faces and a new rollercoaster season in front of us.

It's going to be fun. Here are your starters:

NAME J. Beckett J. Shields
W-L 0-0 0-0
ERA n/a n/a
K/9 n/a n/a
BB/9 n/a n/a

I want to see a lot of chatter in the comments. Let's make this THE place to go to talk about the Red Sox this season.

Go Sox!