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Game Story: Sox drop last ST game to Twins.

Or: Allen gets a bit of a ST tuneup.

I'm ready for the f'n season to begin. Here's what happened today. Bay hit a HR, Jed Lowrie and Mike Lowell both went 2-3. Lowrie, of course, is that player who was absolutely not in competition with an inferior player for playing time earlier this spring. '[Empty] was true to his name, stranding six runners all by himself. Baldelli totally rocco'd his 3rd 2B of the spring against old amigo Craig Breslow.

On the pitching side of things, it was the final test of whether Brad Penny is truly healthy enough for Buch to be sent down to AAA to begin the season, and one of my favorites, Felix Doubront, got lit up in an extended relief appearance.

I'm pretty sure I read...somewhere, that the biggest thing for the Sox and Penny was for him to feel good the day after his start. If he feels good this morning, go ahead and circle April 12th on your calendar as Brad Penny Day. Of course, use a f'n pencil, because rain is no doubt in the forecast several times between now and then.

So that was short, I guess because the only hero in this game was the umpire who officially called our ST to a close. That's all I got. On to New York and Citi Field, then real baseball.