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Sox-Yanks Game 2 Postgame: 9

It's an axiom that good pitching beats good hitting. Today's game showed us that great hitting hurts mediocre pitching (the starters) and crushes terrible pitching (the Yankee bullpen). Okajima vultured a win out of this mess, but the real credit for victory should go to the Red Sox batters, who clubbed 16 runs, including 8 off an AJ Burnett who looked dominant early on (three scoreless innings to start).

This game was all about numbers. The two offenses combined for 8 Doubles, 6 homers, 28 hits, 15 walks, and 2 HBP (both by New York). 27 runs were scored, and the whole affair took 4 hours 21 minutes to resolve. But the most important number is this: 9. The Red Sox have won their 9th straight game. Keep it coming, guys.