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Twitter: the race for 5,000; help OTM!

Okay, since I'm not physically fit enough to RUN a 5K, myself and the rest of SBNation are doing a different kind of 5K: the Twitter kind.

You know Twitter (or, maybe you don't). Well, if you do, OTM wants your support.

It's a race to see which SBN blog can get to 5,000 followers first. We're not as ambitious as Ashton Kutcher, but damn it, we're going to try.

Now I know OTM has a long way to go for 5,000 (because these guys are good) but I don't even want the 5,000 to tell you the truth. I just want to beat the rest of the AL East blogs. That is essentially DRaysBay ... and we all want to beat the Rays, right?

The standings right now: DRaysBay has 250 followers while OTM has 224.

So it's close, but we need more. Sign up for Twitter, follow OTM and tell all your friends about us. You can even stuff the ballots -- I don't care! But just tell everybody so we can get as many "followers" as possible. Here's the info:

To follow Over The Monster on Twitter, click this link and click "Follow":

It's that easy, so help us out and go Sox!