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GameThread: O's @ Sox. Game 4. Sox try to Master O's on Patriots' Day.

Justin Masterson makes his triumphant return to the world of starting pitching today. He'll face Mark Hendrickson from the O's.

Hendrickson is most known for being tall. The joke's on him, because Masterson is tall too. Have to imagine that'll throw him a little bit off-balance.

Speaking of throwing, would love to see Masterson throw strikes from the start. Seems like most of his problems last year were walks and nibbling and poor command. Walks or no walks, my guess is that he's on a count today and possibly an innings limit. I imagine the 'blueprint' for a Sox win would go something like this:

Masterson 5 IP, MDC 2 IP, Oki 1 IP, Paps 1 IP.

Regardless of whether THAT happens, I'm sure that MDC and Oki are both prepared to go multiple innings. Those glorious rubber-armed bastards.

Anyway, first pitch from Masterson @ 11:05 EDT. Everyone officially has my permission to skip work or school. Especially since my word means absolutely nothing.

...Go Sox!