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GameThread: Game 5 - Red Sox @ Angels

Dear Red Sox,

Last time I checked, you had nine players in your starting lineup. Is it okay if they, together, produce some type of offense?

Thanks a lot!



Seriously, let's bust out the bats. Today's starters are Brad Penny and Joe Saunders:

NAME B. Penny
J. Saunders
W-L 0-0 1-0
ERA n/a 0.00
K/9 n/a 2.7
BB/9 n/a 2.7

Saunders was pretty good last year, so the Sox will have to really step up to win this game. This is Saunders' second start of the year. On April 6 he went 6.2 innings and allowed no runs to earn the victory.

This is Penny's first start as a Red Sox.