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Game 4: Where the F' is the offense?

It's a simple question: where is this team's offense? Honestly, Red Sox Nation is curious.

The Red Sox lost their third straight game tonight, this time to the Angels to a score of 6-3. It dropped the Sox's record to 1-3.

While Tim Wakefield did his usual thing -- walks, hit batsmen, loading the bases -- he still wasn't that bad when it was all said and done. Six innings, three runs -- they call that a quality start in the bigs. If you don't look at the six hits and the five walks, of course. The four strikeouts were nice, though.

Jered Weaver looked like Tom Seaver out on the mound tonight. He made the Sox look foolish with eight strikeouts in 6.2 innings of work.

So where was the offense? Kevin Youkilis, of course. He had two hits and an RBI. Jacoby Ellsbury broke out of his skid a bit with two hits and two runs of his own. Everyone else? Pretty bad. Dustin Pedroia, Mike Lowell and George Kottaras were the only other Sox with a hit.

Speaking of Kottaras, he wasn't horrible catching Wakefield tonight -- that means he was great. There were a few issues with catching the knuckleball, but there was no point where I screamed at the television to see Kevin Cash escorted to Angel Stadium on a private jet.

It was a tough one to watch tonight, but let's remember it's still early in the season. If this was football, we'd be screwed. But even at 1-3, I'm pretty sure we can win a few before the 158 remaining expire.

On a final note, comment of the game goes to sox-inda-south for this gem after the game:

"That was quick and terrible ... just like my girlfriend."