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Cancel the season: the Red Sox are struggling

If you don't know that headline is sarcasm, I am sorry for you.

The Boston Red Sox are 2-6 early in Spring Training, only if you count games against Boston College, Northeastern and yesterday's 9-5 loss to Puerto Rico (and speaking of that game, Daniel Bard pitched two great innings and Chris Carter had three hits -- more than Wily Mo Pena ever had, right?).

Let's get a recap of who's doing well and who's struggling so far. The good:

Nick Green, MIF - Green has seven hits in 13 at-bats. What is this guy trying to do? Win a job on the bench or something?

Chris Carter, 1B - Carter has five hits in 12 at-bats, including a home run. Maybe it's time Carter finds a big league job.

Justin Masterson, SP - In four real innings, Masterson has allowed just two hits.

Jon Lester, SP - Four innings, two hits, three strikeouts, no walks. Looks good to me so far.

And the ugly:

Wes Littleton, RP - Not even pretty: seven earned runs in 2.2 innings. An ERA in the 20s.

Enrique Gonzalez, RP - Gonzalez has been worse than Littleton: five runs in 1.1 innings. At least Wes has three strikeouts (Gonzalez has zero).

Brad Wilkerson, 1B/OF - Wilkerson has a home run, but still has just three hits in 15 at-bats. I blame it on the plunking by Lester.

David Ortiz, DH - 0-for-7 and now he's in the WBC. We'll see what he does there.

Editor's Note: Small sample size, obviously, so nothing to be concerned about. So why am I posting this info? Why not? That's the better question.

Sox play today at 1:05 p.m. against the Marlins. It's not on NESN, but I'm sure you can get it online ... somehow.