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Community Projections: Jason Varitek

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Over The Monster community projections are back!

If you're new to OTM, this game is quite simple. I post a player's name and certain categories. You, as the reader, then predict -- using those categories -- what the player will do in the 2009 season. At the end of the season I will average everyone's guesses, see who had the closest guesses and declare a winner (of sorts). If you don't understand, well ... then just watch, I guess.

I'd like to try and do the entire starting lineup, but we'll see how that goes. Let's just start going around the horn anyway by starting with your captain, Jason Varitek.

Just copy and paste this form in the comments and insert your answers for what you think Varitek will do:


It's always a pain choosing categories that everyone agrees on, so if these suck, let me know and I might change them. Might.

Have fun!