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Green, Carter make Opening Day Sox squad

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The wait is over: Nick Green and Chris Carter, congratulations. You made the Opening Day roster:

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Nick Green and Chris Carter have been told that they have made the Red Sox Opening Day roster, with the understanding that things could change if the Sox make a last minute deal or waiver claim.


Carter won the extra outfield/backup first base role over Jeff Bailey, who was told he would not be going to New York. A dejected Bailey, who hit .356 with a homer and eight RBI. But Carter enjoyed the best spring of any Red Sox hitter, leading the club with six homers. He hit .359 with 10 RBI.

Green will serve as the team’s utility infielder until Julio Lugo comes back from knee surgery. Carter, meanwhile, is likely to lose his spot when Mark Kotsay (back) is ready to return, on or about May 1.

Both very deserving players. Poor Jeff Bailey. He'll have to wait for an injury to crop up.