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Brad Wilkerson out as a Sox? Bailey, Carter are left

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According to Extra Bases, it looks like outfielder/first baseman Brad Wilkerson will not be making the Sox's Opening Day roster:

The Red Sox have not made a formal announcement yet, but Red Sox manager Terry Francona acknowledged this morning that Brad Wilkerson has at least temporarily left the club to assess his options, suggesting that he will not [be] part of the Red Sox' plans when the club breaks camp.

That leaves two men for what seems to be the one remaining spot on the positional roster: Jeff Bailey and Chris Carter.

This will make both Bailey and Carter quite happy. Bailey and Carter have both been mashing the ball this spring trying to earn the last spot on the bench vacated by an injured Mark Kotsay.

So who gets it? Since it's not going to be an issue of who's hitting well this spring (both are hitting over .350 into this game, but Carter does have five home runs compared to Bailey's one) it might come down to the roster spot. Carter, but not Bailey, is on the 40-man roster. Carter does only have one option remaining, though, which could be sticky make a situation sticky later in the season.

Opening a spot on the 40-man roster wouldn't be that difficult for Terry Francona. Miguel Gonzalez, a rule-V draft pick, will probably be an odd man out anyway come April 6. Also players like Jonathan Van Every or Devern Hansack could lose their spot.

So here's the poll, America: who should win the backup job come Opening Day -- Chris Carter or Jeff Bailey?