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Theo: George Kottaras is the backup catcher

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When Theo speaks, you listen. Now Theo says George Kottaras will be Jason Varitek's backup now that Josh Bard was cut:

General Manager Theo Epstein says that the backup job "is George Kottaras's to lose.''


Kottaras is out of minor league options, meaning another team could claim him if the Red Sox tried to send him down to Triple-A. Kottaras successfully caught Tim Wakefield late last week, perhaps clearing the way for this move with Bard.

Kottaras said yesterday that he hoped that session gave the team the confidence to trust him as the backup.

"I was proud of the way that I caught it," Kottaras said. "I got my opportunity, and hopefully they can go based on that.

Kottaras is hitting .286 with one home run and two RBI in 14 spring at-bats. The 25-year-old hit .243 with 22 home runs -- and a .348 OBP -- last year at Pawtucket.

I guess that squashes any thoughts of a trade. Dusty Brown is also on the outside looking in. Kottaras must be one happy dude now that he's got a major league job. Congrats to Georgy for finally break through the AAAA barrier.