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Kevin Youkilis sprains ankle, out of WBC

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Red Sox first baseman Kevin Youkilis sprained his ankle and is now out of the World Baseball Classic:

The Red Sox' first baseman will miss the remainder of the World Baseball Classic because of a sprained left ankle,'s Ken Rosenthal is reporting.


It is uncertain when or how Youkilis sustained the injury, and the severity is also unknown at this time. He has reportedly left the US team to return to Fort Myers, where he will be examined by Red Sox team doctors.

OK, all you World Baseball Classic haters. Here's more ammunition for you. While you refuse to watch the WBC, I'll be watching the U.S. take on Venezuela tonight and a great rematch between Japan and Cuba. I don't care what it is -- if it's good baseball, I watch it.

A sprained ankle is nothing to really worry about. He could have done a lot worse just playing for the Sox in Fort Myers. But let the complaining begin. And .... go!