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Jason Bay contract extension talks stall

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The Boston Red Sox and Jason Bay have put contract negotiations on hold. Theo Epstein commented that it was clear that both sides were not going to be able to come to agreement during spring training, due in part to the current economic climate.

"I think there's a desire to get something done on both sides, there's just a mutual recognition right now that it's going to be next to impossible to get something done," said Epstein.

It seems as though Jason Bay is hoping for an economic turn-around in the second half of 2009. (Aren't we all!)  Don't expect Bay to take a mammoth recession discount for the time being, Sox fans.

"You play for six years and you earn the right to be a free agent, and you don't want to sell yourself short," Bay said, according to "That doesn't mean that there doesn't have to be some concessions. But you put yourself in this position, and I think it's in my best interest to kind of explore."

"I've got a year left," Bay said. "If something comes up that makes sense for me, I'll definitely consider it."

Bay batted .293 with 9 home runs in 49 regular season games with the Red Sox last season.