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Red Sox make cuts; Lowell in the lineup

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Poor Argenis Diaz. He had a rough Spring Training and now he's been sent to the player development camp along with Charlie ZInk and Carlos Maldonado:

All you Argenis Diaz fans out there will now have to travel to the player development complex to see the shortstop. Pitcher Charlie Zink and catcher Carlos Maldonado have been reassigned to the minor league complex, and Diaz was optioned to Portland. The cuts, which will continue as camp moves along and as players return from the WBC, were the first the Red Sox have made thus far this spring. Zink was sent down because there were no more starter's innings, and Maldonado was a victim of the six catchers at camp this spring, leaving him without enough time to play.

But good news! Mike Lowell is in today's lineup against the Orioles. As the designated hitter, Lowell is 0-for-1 with a strikeout, but I'm sure he'll get at least one or two more at-bats. The Sox are currently winning 1-0 with Clay Buchholz on the mound who has struck out two in two innings of work.

Follow the game here.