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Red Sox's first full workout

No more messing around. It's go time.

The Sox have their first full workout today. The Globe reports it's "quiet" right now because everyone is in meetings before getting out onto the field. A few hitters -- including David Ortiz, Dustin Pedroia and Jason Bay -- were in the batting cages to start the day.

I have some random spring training thoughts, so I figured I'd just throw them out for you all to chew on for a few minutes:

  • I'm curious to see how Manny Delcarmen performs this spring. I really like Delcarmen and his stuff, but I'm worried that he could potentially be squeezed out at some point. Not to begin the year, though. He'll definitely be in the bullpen on Opening Day. But his role is most likely to diminish with a few talented additions to the pen this offseason, including Takashi Saito and Ramon Ramirez.
  • Speaking of Saito, I think he'll make or break the bullpen. We know what to expect out of most of the guys in the 'pen, but Saito is a wild card. He's either going to struggle after his injuries last year or he's going to be completely lights out like he was for the Dodgers. If he's lights out, watch out. We could have five inning games on our hands.
  • I'll reiterate this in every single "random stuff" column I ever write: I like Bay. He's a good player. Get over it, Manny lovers.
  • A big player to watch this spring is going to be Jacoby Ellsbury. He has kind of gone under the radar this offseason. Coco Crisp was traded, giving the starting center field job to Ellsbury, but we haven't heard much about him since. He had a pretty good season last year (check the numbers, folks) and I think we'll see an even better one this year. He should be a little bit more relaxed without Crisp breathing down his neck. That could make a big difference this season. Another question: leadoff or 7/8/9 in the order?
  • I want to see what Brad Penny is clocking on the gun. That'll be huge to his success.
  • Pedroia: bad ass player or most bad ass player?
  • Ehh. That's all I got. It's too early for this...