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This just in: Alex Rodriguez was 'stupid' when he used steroids

The Globe's Chad Finn had a fun live blog during Alex Rodriguez's press conference today:

When faced with the most blunt question so far, Rodriguez did not offer a straight answer.

In response to a very specific query from the New York Post's Joel Sherman on why he would inject something twice a month into his body if he claimed he didn't know what it was, he replied:

"It goes back to being young and being curious. I realized, thank God that I realized, that I was being silly and irresponsible, and I decided to stop. And I was a young guy."

Also, he was young. Did he mention that yet?

I didn't see the conference, but I'm sure I'll watch the video on ESPN at some point later. But from Finn's accounts, it seems like the usual dog and ponny show from Mr. A-Rod. His story continues to change as well. He told Peter Gammons he didn't know what he was injecting himself with and then today can identify it to some degree. C'mon A-Rod, just come 100 percent clean! You're so close. Just cut the crap and you, baseball and its fans can't get past this. No more lies. No more hiding the truth.

This whole A-Rod saga pretty much sucks, but I guess it's better than talking about Brett Favre for eight months...

UPDATE: The video from ESPN: