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Every Red Sox Spring Training Story Ever.

Spring is here, and as players reported to camp, OTM was lucky enough to get some unique takes on how this season might go. 

For this young player, spring is all about competing for a position on the roster.

"I know the odds are against me, and there are guys in camp with more experience at the position than me. I just have to go out there and show them what I can do," said Dusty Brown/George Kottaras/Jed Lowrie.

Some players in camp are attempting to rebound from injuries, and we wanted to get an individual opinion on that as well:

"I don't think it'll be a problem. My hip/wrist/back/oblique/shoulder/elbow/ankle/mystery virus that limited me last season is a thing of the past. My physician's recommendation of surgery/rest/rehab/witch doctor/medication was very successful, and I'm happy to report to camp in shape and ready to work," reported Josh Beckett/Brad Penny/John Smoltz/David Ortiz/Jed Lowrie/Julio Lugo/Rocco Baldelli/Mike Lowell/Takashi Saito.

While that player is attempting to rebound from injuries, another is just looking to rebound.

"While happy for another year in/to be in the Red Sox organization, I also hope to make some (other) changes. Last year was obviously disappointing for me. I've come into camp in incredible shape, and hope to reestablish/establish a higher level of performance than what has become painful reality/my performance from last season. I know nothing is guaranteed except my will to improve/more money than I should be earning," said Jason Varitek/Jacoby Ellsbury/Julio Lugo/Clay Buchholz/Josh Bard/Brad Penny

That's a great sentiment, but it's all been said before. How about something different from a player who was healthy and had a good year last year?

According to Hideki Okajima/Jonathan Papelbon/Kevin Youkilis/Dustin Pedroia/Jon Lester/Daisuke Matsuzaka/Jason Bay/Justin Masterson/Manny Delcarmen/Javier Lopez: "It's all about consistency. You can tell me I had a good individual season last year, and I'll tell you that we didn't get to the World Series and that there is always room for improvement. It's a tough division, with the Yankees and Rays making strides this offseason, and too much talent to count out the Jays and/or Orioles. I'm ecstatic that we added more bullpen help/rotation depth/great bench options, but nothing is guaranteed in this game."

Despite all the individual opinions we were able to get, one sentiment was in abundance at Sox camp:

"My back hurts," said J.D. Drew/Tim Wakefield/Mark Kotsay

No, not that.

Dustin Pedroia: "I'm ready to kick some more ass."