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Winter Meetings, Day Two Recap: A Slow Day For Red Sox

Remarkably, day two was even slower than day one.

Just get Theo's take on it:

"Yesterday was probably more productive than today," Epstein said. "Today has been more of a day of follow-up on the ideas of yesterday and we haven't made a heck of a lot of progress. We're still working at it."

After the jump, I'll update you on some of the happenings.


Full Count " Red Sox claim the ‘other’ Ramon Ramirez

Another pitcher named Ramon Ramirez (potentially) in the Red Sox system. How fun!

Tigers wanted Ellsbury or Buchholz

If the Sox were to acquire Curtis Granderson, it would have taken Jacoby Ellsbury or Clay Buchholz. And we can all say "no thank you" at the same time.

Jason Bay Rumors: Tuesday: MLB Rumors -

Your guess is as good as anyone's when it comes to where Jason Bay will land before 2010. The Mariners seem to have no interest in the slugger while the Angels consider themselves "longshots." The Red Sox, still, no matter how hard some people on this blog try, are in talks with Bay.

Texas Rangers Blog - A quick wrapup from Tuesday - ESPN Dallas

The Rangers have shown interest in acquiring Mike Lowell. Really? I didn't think they wanted another poor defensive third baseman. One tends to be enough. However, it all seems like a longshot.

Boston Herald's Silverman on Sox's interest in Soriano

In other trade news, Rafael Soriano, after accepting arbitration, is willing to be traded. However, it doesn't seem the Sox are interested in trading for Soriano. If he was a free agent, that would have been a different story.

Washington Nationals Sign Pudge Rodriguez. - Federal Baseball

Somehow, Pudge Rodriguez is still going. Good for him. Maybe he'll be the first pro catcher to call a sign for Stephen Strasburg.

Winter Meetings: Pirates set to sign Crosby

The were rumors that Bobby Crosby could be a Red Sox, but that was before the Marco Scutaro signing. I wish I could say "Good for the Pirates," but I think it's more fitting to say "Good for Crosby" who is still seeing time in Major League Baseball. Keep collecting that paycheck, Bob!