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Peter Gammons To Join NESN

Peter Gammons is coming home:

Baseball writer and longtime ESPN and Boston Globe baseball analyst/reporter Peter Gammons has agreed to a multiyear deal to join NESN as a regular studio analyst, reporter and online contributor.


Gammons will serve as a NESN studio analyst and reporter for over 50 of the network’s hour-long pregame and postgame shows and as co-host of Red Sox Hot Stove and Red Sox Spring Break LIVE. He also will make regular contributions to

"I’m a New Englander who wanted to be Jackie Jensen," Gammons said. "I started out at the Boston Globe and wrote about Jerry Remy when he was at Somerset High School. I was lucky enough to be there for the Munson-Fisk fight in 1973 and The Sixth Game and the '78 playoff, and when my local cable company wouldn’t put NESN on our system I signed the override petitions.

"NESN has given me the opportunity to come back to my roots and once again be part of my neighborhood, and I am truly excited about it. During the 2007 World Series, Matt Holliday said that what differentiated Fenway Park from any other stadium is that fans don’t react, they anticipated, and that creates a tension unlike any other audience in sports. It is a great feeling to be back with that audience."

A fantastic move by NESN. Peter Gammons must be ecstatic about all of it. He gets to cover the Red Sox day in and day out. For him, nothing can really be much better.