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Over the Monster Top 20 Prospects Voting #4: The Indomitable Ryan Kalish

Kalish nabs no. 3via <a href=""></a>
Kalish nabs no. 3via

This one was closer than the last one, but in the end Ryan Kalish pulled away and won with 24% of the vote.

It's hard to describe Kalish's year as anything but a "breakout" performance. Ranked 10th by the Over the Monster readers last year, Kalish was certainly not an unknown quantity. But with his ground ball, powerless ways, he wasn't exactly a top-tier one either. Kalish turned things around this year, likely due to the continued recovery of a 2007 wrist injury, and added home run pop to his already advanced plate discipline, solid fielding, and speed on the basepaths. He has become "the total package".

Now that that's done with, let's move on to picking #4. While Kalish was the top vote getter by only a few votes, the rest of the pack was even closer together than that. This one should be a good one. See the first post for information on the various candidates, and vote away!