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Fenway Park To Be Packed Tomorrow For Winter Classic

In 24 hours, the Winter Classic will (hopefully) be taking place. That means Fenway Park will be sold out ... in January. Weird. Very weird.

Travis from SB Nation's Broad Street Hockey has press credentials and is in town today for Thursday's events. He has taken a few photos of the beauty that is Fenway in the winter:


I will also be there tomorrow with a fancy little press credential in my hand. I will update Over The Monster with occasional posts -- or just one huge one at the end of it all -- but the better way to catch me is over at where I will be updating throughout the game. I also plan to be tweeting like a mad man @RCBooth, so follow me to get all the updates.

I'll be in, out and around the park all before game time. So come find me if you want to chat. I'll be the fool taking pictures, talking with other fans and suffering from hypothermia. Can't wait!