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WEEI's Alex Speier Ranks Sox's Top Three Prospects

WEEI's Alex Speier, who is hosting a chat with Rob Bradford on their website as I type this, ranked his top three Red Sox prospects (because I asked him too and he's just a darn nice guy) for everyone:

1) Kelly (as a pitcher - even though I'm not yet sold that he's a No. 1 or No. 2 until his velo picks up -- but he has that ceiling)
2) Westmoreland (limitless ceiling -- and all reports on his recovery from broken collarbone are positive)
3) Rizzo -- I give him a tiny advantage over Lars because of the defense, and I consider his ceiling higher than that of Kalish/Reddick

I said he had to say pitcher or shortstop for Kelly, because we all know he'd list him No. 1 anyway. Very interesting to see Anthony Rizzo go before Josh Reddick or Ryan Kalish. I personally voted for Josh Reddick in our top prospects poll because I like that he's MLB-ready and he has a lot of power potential. Rizzo, though, will be fantastic to watch.