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Red Sox Still Interested In Jason Bay?

It seems that the Red Sox may still be interested in re-signing Jason Bay:

According to a team source, the Red Sox have had internal discussions about extending their organizational budget to potentially allow for another offer for free agent outfielder Jason Bay. The discussed proposal to Bay would be in the vicinity four-year, $60 million originally offered the outfielder by the Red Sox.

It was thought that the signing of pitcher John Lackey to a five-year, $82.5 million deal, along with the acquisition of outfielder Mike Cameron, would make make such a strategy by the Sox unlikely, with the Sox too close to the $170 million luxury tax threshold to make a run at free agent the likes of Bay. The New York Mets are thought to be the team currently most interested in the services of Bay, who is seeking a five-year deal.

If this is true, maybe the Sox would try to trade Jacoby Ellsbury to acquire Adrian Gonzalez. The payroll would still take a huge hit, but the outfield would make a little more sense with Bay in the picture and Ellsbury out of it. Cameron would obviously play center field in this equation.

We'll see what comes of this.