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A's Sign Coco Crisp; Mariners Sign David Pauley

You thought I would use a Coco Crisp photo, didn't you?

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You thought I would use a Coco Crisp photo, didn't you? via

A former Red Sox outfielder has made his way to California:

It's now official -- the A's signed center fielder Coco Crisp to a one-year deal with a club option for 2011, the team announced Wednesday.

The deal is reportedly worth $4.5 million and news of the A's and Crisp nearing an agreement was originally reported on Sunday. Crisp, who had surgery on both shoulders this year, passed his physical on Tuesday to make the signing official.

I was actually going to propose the Sox bring Crisp back as a fourth/fifth outfielder. Or at least try. But that was before Jason Bay fell through and before they signed Mike Cameron. With Cameron on board, it didn't make much sense to have Crisp as a backup. Nevertheless, he'll most likely be a starter in Oakland -- something he would never have had in Boston.

In other news, the Mariners signed David Pauley. You remember him? I liked him when he was in the Sox system. He did some things well. I'll always remember this from Pauley. It was a valiant effort from Pauley in the middle of the New York jungle. The Red Sox didn't win, but Pauley kept them in the game.