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Top Moments '09: No. 6 - Comeback Over Angels Features Trio of Shortstops

We didn't see shortstops Alex Gonzalez, Jed Lowrie and Nick Green work together a lot this season. But why would we? All three are shortstops and while they have some versatility, it's just rare to see three players all at the same position do something significant in the same game together.

Except on Sept. 16.

With the Angels in town for a three-game set, the Red Sox wanted to extend their five-game winning streak. They took game one pretty easily, setting the stage for a game two.

Game two started simple enough: the Angels went up 3-0 through five innings. The Sox managed just three hits before the sixth inning -- but that's when they took over with five runs. But that's just the start of this up-and-down game.

The Sox's 5-3 lead didn't last long, as the Angels went on to score four runs in the seventh. Then the Sox scored two in the bottom of the eighth, setting up a 7-7 all game going into the ninth.


The tie game didn't last long, though, as Bobby Abreu knocked Chone Figgins in with a single off of reliever Daniel Bard. The Sox were once again on the wrong side of the score and needed one run in the ninth to stay alive.

The ninth started in bad fashion for the Sox. Jason Bay and Mike Lowell popped up and flied out, respectively, putting the Sox's chances at slim to none. Typically when this happens, there is no hope. But this night felt different.

If the Sox were to try and win this game, it was on David Ortiz to get on base. He worked a walk, was pinch-ran for by Joey Gathright, and J.D. Drew followed with a single. This is where the shortstops come to rescue.

Jed Lowrie, who was hitting for Dusty Brown, singled to load the bases for Nick Green, who batted for Casey Kotchman. It was produce or go home. In what was a very heated at-bat with a lot of close ball and strike calls, Green walked, forcing Gathright in from third and making a tie game.

But it still wasn't done.

With the bases still juiced, Alex Gonzalez came to the plate to try and give the Sox another W. There were a lot of doubters of Gonzo at the time, but he came through in the clutch: Gonzo hit a soft blooper into left field that dropped to the feet of Juan Rivera to score Drew and give the Sox the comeback win.

Phew. That was an exhausting game.

With the trio of shortstops all making a late-game splash, it was an interesting sight to see. The Sox only won this game because they gutted it out. Terry Francona made some interesting lineup moves but it all paid off in the end.

After all, it does come down to the W.