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Placido Polanco Seeing Interest From Red Sox

Add another name to the middle infield drama: the Red Sox have expressed interest in former Tigers second baseman Placido Polanco:

According to a Major League source, the Red Sox expressed interest in Polanco when the Tigers declined to offer him arbitration by Tuesday's midnight deadline.

In other words, if the Red Sox do decide to move Dustin Pedroia to shortstop, a move the player said he would welcome, they could sign Polanco to play second base and not have to give up any draft compensation.

Me and Polanco are homeboys (long story, don't ask), so I approve this move. OK, I really don't, but having my homeboy play second base isn't the worst thing in the world. While I am against moving Pedroia, if they had to move Pedroia, Polanco would be my No. 1 choice to play second base for the Sox.

Polanco is one of the best defensive second basemen in the league. According to the Bill James Handbook 2010, Polanco was the fourth-best run saver in the big leagues the last three years:

Second Basemen
3-Year Leaders

Chase Utley - 61
Mark Ellis - 41
Aaron Hill - 38
Placido Polanco - 29

Of course, there are more defensive statistics out there to prove Polanco is a very good second baseman, but here's just a sampling. He's also pretty good with the bat with a lifetime .303/.348/.414 line. Personally I'd like a second baseman with a better ability to get on base (Mark Bellhorn anyone?!), but I'll take it.

Take it if Adam Everett doesn't work out, of course.

Would Polanco make the Nation happy? Or is Brandon Phillips the better option, like this poll says?