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Will Kotchman be the Red Sox starting First Baseman for 2010?

According To Gordon Edes of ESPN Boston, there's a good chance he will be.

In an article from Wednesday night, Edes says that the Red Sox have pretty much withdrawn themselves from negotiations for 3B Adrian Beltre because they are unhappy with the price Scott Boras is asking for him.

Kotchman played very little for the Sox since coming over last year, but did not perform well, hitting just .218.  The thinking is probably that given more regular playing time, he could be a much more productive member of the club.

This certainly goes along with Theo's comments that he is not in a huge rush for a big bat, and that if they decide they need one, it is easier to obtain one in the middle of the season than a starting pitcher.  Perhaps he is really high on Adrian Gonzalez and thinks the price for him will drop significantly over the course of the year if the Padres decide they are definitely not contending. 

Personally, I think that this is too great of a offensive drop, and though Kotchman plays a great first base, Youk isn't good enough at third to justify moving him over to third without someone really exceptional at first base.  I'd rather see us nix the Mike Lowell deal and give him another shot at third with his hip recovering, though I also don't care for that idea.

It is, of course, always possible that this is a bargaining tactic to help lower Beltre's price. 

What do you think?  Is this a viable option, a dumb decision, or a bargaining tactic?