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Is Jeremy Hermida on the Move?

Jeremy Hermida might be gone before playing a single game in a Red Sox uniform.

WEEI's Alex Speier reported that when the Red Sox traded for Hermida, they mentioned they were likely to trade him if they were to re-sign Jason Bay. While they will almost certainly not do that, the Cameron signing may well have created the same situation. Cameron is unlikely to be a platoon player, and Hermida's splits are not strong enough to warrant giving him time in the field over Cameron. And at a cost of $3 million, Hermida is an odd choice for a defenseless 4th outfielder.

Hermida will not bring a significant bounty, but there are teams that could use a young outfielder with potential. If the Sox do trade Hermida, they would likely have to look at free agency to replace him, as they will want to get Josh Reddick and eventually Ryan Kalish plenty of at bats in AAA. Darnell McDonald could also serve as a warm body in Fenway to avoid getting caught unaware in case of a sudden injury, but he's not good enough to slot in on any given day. A more ideal solution might be to sign a guy like Jerry Hairston Jr. While he's just as bad offensively, he would bring defensive versatility to the Sox' bench at an affordable price.