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With John Lackey, No Chance Jason Bay Comes Back To Red Sox

Now that the Red Sox have signed John Lackey, the odd man out is Jason Bay.

Bay, who rejected a contract from the Red Sox worth at least $15 million per season, most likely will be playing in a new park next season after the Lackey signing. If the Red Sox weren't really interested in Bay beyond their original contract, there's no way they will be now after committing approximately $82 million to Lackey.

This also writes off Matt Holliday, who many think is the superior player to Bay, considering both players' defensive abilities. Holliday and agent Scott Boras are waiting for Bay to sign (which may come this week), before Holliday signs on the dotted line. Holliday will most likely get a deal that is worth somewhere between $15-$20 million per season.

So who does this leave in left field for the Red Sox next season? Perhaps Jacoby Ellsbury.

The Red Sox have shown interest in Mike Cameron this offseason, a Type B free agent who is one of the best defensive center fielders in baseball. Considering Ellsbury's speed, the Sox could slide Ellsbury over to left and, most likely, see an improvement in left field. Cameron would also be a much cheaper option than Bay or Holliday, while giving superb defense.

No matter what happens, the Red Sox will have a new left fielder come April 4 -- and that left fielder is not going to be Jason Bay.

Good luck Jason ... wherever you end up (preferably with a team that has a first round draft pick).