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Report: Red Sox Offer Aroldis Chapman $15.5M Contract

Cuban defector and pitcher Aroldis Chapman, 21, is holding a workout for himself in Houston tomorrow, but according to one report, the Red Sox have already offered the fireballer a contract:

Speculation on what kind of money Chapman will sign for remains wild, but the Red Sox have at least already begun the bidding. According to one source close to the negotiations, Boston offered Chapman a $15.5 million dollar package that includes a major league deal. When contacted regarding this story, Red Sox officials declined to comment. Boston has been linked to Chapman since the day he became available, and Chapman is close friends with shortstop Jose Iglesias, a Cuban shortstop that Boston signed in September.

Fifteen million, but for how many years? I have a lot of questions about Chapman, including, Can his arm hold up? and, Is he actually 21 years old? I'm not sold on him. I'm sure there's a ton of mileage on his arm, even though he is just 21. I guess we'll get a real answer Tuesday when Chapman holds his workout.