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Thumb Surgery Might Put Mike Lowell Trade in Jeopardy

It's been a few days since news broke of a deal between the Red Sox and Rangers for Mike Lowell. Over those days, the likelihood of said deal ever being completed has gradually diminished as the teams tried to sort out the medical issues plaguing the players involved.

Originally, for Lowell, it seemed like the third baseman's hip was going to be the issue, but instead it has been his right thumb which has been problematic. Today, Peter Gammons reported on Twitter that the thumb might require surgery, which would spell an end to the deal.

For the Red Sox, this would bring up a whole new set of questions. Will Lowell be ready for the start of the season? Should they look for a full-time replacement anyways? Adrian Beltre had been the presumed replacement for Lowell, but with Boras' current asking price high, and the potential for a logjam at third, the Red Sox would likely have to pass on any big-name players.

Sox fans might have to get ready for a few months of Kotchman-Youkilis manning the corners.