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Abraham: Sox Should Take A Look at Chien-Ming Wang

It's been tossed around in the comments, but now the Globe's Peter Abraham suggests the Red Sox take a look at one-time Yankee Chien-Ming Wang, who was non-tendered by the Yankees yesterday:

Based on my conversations with Wang, I believe the foot injury led to the shoulder injury. When Wang reported to spring training last season, the Yankees would not allow him to run as part of his conditioning. The strength in his legs, which helped him throw a 95-mph sinker, vanished and the shoulder injury was the result of compensating.

Now that the shoulder is repaired, Wang is hopeful of returning to the majors by late May or early June. Shoulder injuries are tricky and this is the second time Wang has needed surgery. But if he can come back to even 80 percent of what he once was, he would be a helpful piece.

Then there this: Wang is not leaving the Yankees on particularly good terms and would be motivated to prove them wrong. 

I kind of like the revenge angle to all of this, but I just don't know if the Sox should go after Wang. He'll probably get a contract from another club to compete for a spot in a rotation. The Red Sox just can't give him any kind of deal like that at this point.

Since Wang is a groundball pitcher, he'd benefit from an improved Red Sox defense behind him. He doesn't give up too many home runs either, which would be great for Fenway. But is he actually healthy? And how much money will his agent want for this new free agent?