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Mike Lowell Traded To Rangers, Pending Medicals

UPDATE, 12/14 @ 9:56 am: Peter Gammons says Lowell's thumb might need surgery. If so, say goodbye to Max Ramirez and hello to a 3rd base

UPDATE, 12/13 @ 12:53 pm: Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe writes that the deal is being held up by Mike Lowell's right thumb, which the Rangers are still examining; they feel his right hip is healthy. Abraham confirms the money going to Texas would be $9 million.

UPDATE, 12/11 @ 9:18 am: Rob Bradford writes that it could be 2-3 days before the deal is consummated. The money going to Texas appears to be $9 million (of Lowell's $12 million salary).

According to Tony Massarotti of the Boston Globe, the Boston Red Sox have agreed to trade Mike Lowell to the Texas Rangers for the catching prospect Max Ramirez. Money issues have been resolved, but the deal could still go south if Lowell doesn't clear the Rangers' medical evaluation. No word on the amount Texas is getting.

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